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Check out the bad effects of eating meat and vegetarians you (may) don't know.


Eating any kind of food always affects the health of the body. Regardless of whether the food you eat is focused on eating meat or vegetarian, it will have different benefits and harms for your body. Today we are going to talk about the negative effects that the body has received from eating meat and eating vegetarians.   slot joker wallet Let's take a look at the comparison between eating these two foods at the same time.


Negative effects of eating meat


For girls who love to eat meat. Especially in the red meat and large meat groups, in proportion greater than 5 from the amount of food eaten per week, there are risks that may cause various diseases as follows:


1. Arthritis

This is because protein and collagen in meat is responsible for stimulating the immune system in the body. Risk of inflammation of the joints Importantly, meat has a high content of iron and can accumulate in your joints. Increase free radicals


2. Gallstones in the gallbladder

We may have known that meat has a high content of saturated fat. And contributes to increasing blood cholesterol Therefore has a chance to cause gallstones in the gallbladder


3. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is caused by the body's intake of protein. Due to eating too much red meat This occurs because protein digestion causes an excess of acidity that it needs to be excreted by the kidneys. Before excretion, the body draws alkali and calcium from the bones to help excrete the acid. Thus causing the body to lose calcium


4. Alzheimer's disease

This disease occurs because the body produces abnormal proteins in the brain. Therefore causing memory problems Which recommends eating vegetables and eating meat Because vitamins from various vegetables Including antioxidants such as polyphenols can help prevent abnormal protein build-up in the brain.


The negative effects of vegetarianism


In the part of eating vegetarian. The body loses vitamin B12 and protein, all of which have a negative effect on the body. Making it possible to face various diseases as follows


1. Withered muscles

Eating vegetarian is at risk of protein deficiency. Thus causing the body to lose muscle mass Thus causing the muscles to wither Therefore, it is recommended to switch from eating white rice to brown rice. And increase the protein in the body by eating tofu, sesame and many kinds of vegetables. Along with getting enough exercise and rest, it can help prevent wilting muscles.


2. Have a difficult child

Difficulty having children is one of the negative effects of vegetarianism. Because you eat too much soy Because the genistin in soy resulted in a decrease in the ability of sperm or sperm to dive up and mix with the egg.


3. Depression

Depression caused by eating a vegetarian for a long time Causing the body to be at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency Which this type of vitamin contributes to the growth of nerve cells. If this type of vitamin deficiency for a long time Indeed, the body is exposed to mild nervous system symptoms such as fatigue, fluctuations in mood or depression, therefore it is recommended to take vitamin B or multivitamins. Including eating some meat from time to time can help keep you away from depression.


It can be seen that eating in any form All affect the body as well In which any form of eating that is too much can cause the body to be adversely affected as well. Because the body loses any kind of nutrients to it. Therefore, in order to have a positive effect on the body and not risk any adverse effects. It is therefore necessary to adjust the diet to be balanced and complete all 5 groups is the best.

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