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Current VA CPAP machines...



Just completed my sleep study at the VA on Dec 30th. My Dr called earlier this week on Tues, Jan 9 stating a few particulars about my apnea, listed as 'moderate' and asking if I had a 'smartphone.' I assume to determine if I had a phone that would work with some of the newer, similarly 'smart' CPAP machines available. Given this info I'm wondering if anyone might know which machine specifically is most likely to be chosen for me? I did the cursory Google search but unable to find any current/recent results related to VA-specified equipment. Reasoning has to do mostly with curiosity/interest in limiting my research-specifics related to machine and/or ancillary devices I 'may' be receiving. Will be using supplemental O2 from a VA provided Invacare Perfecto2 V concentrator which I've been using for a month and have added a humidifier and replaced its external foam filter and internal HEPA & disc filters as HEPA was oozing some unidentifiable 'ickiness' that was running down its internal grill retainer cage face. Unlike concentrator, CPAP machine will be new/unused but probably won't arrive and be set up till end of next week but would enjoy insight as to specific machine I'll likely be using as that relates to machine itself as well as cleaners/sanitizers and/or other recommended equipment.I look forward to becoming an active member here as I get more educated and fluent in all things CPAP and TIA to any/all that are able to help with my current line of questions.


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