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I hunger to muster a benign man for origin of kinsfolk [url=]american hotgirls xxx pics[/url] free naked girls screensavers Oh yeah! Uganda, the land of Edi Amin Dada is going to be the moral compass of the world. The land where children have their hands cut off so they can't fire AK-'s will provide leadship on moral issues? Mormon friends of mine supported these kinds of ideas makes my skin crawl. There is no greater example of hatred and bigotry than what we see here. To the extent that any American citizen, whether politician or evangelical has supported or mentored this effort, they have committed a great wrong. These people are dangerous - those in Uganda and those in the United States who would back this bill, openly or in secret. Harare, Zimbabwe, has today released on bail the two employees of the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) organisation who were arrested last Friday. Chadehama () and Ignatius Mhambi () were arrested last Friday on allegations of possessing "indecent material" and displaying a letter on their office wall considered insulting to President Robert Mugabe. Munamate Mutevedzi released the defendants on bail set at $ each until June when they face potential imprisonment or a fine. Countdown last night, Keith Olbermann had on author Dan Savage to discuss the opposition to the imminent repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the current policy that does not allow for openly gay members of the military. Countdown last night, Keith Olbermann had on author Dan Savage to discuss the opposition to the imminent repeal of Dont Ask, Dont Tell, the current policy that does not allow for openly gay members of the military. But, the prevailing rhetoric of the opposition is largely rooted in status quo thinking, and fear that gays in the military will harm our defenses and aid our enemy. For one, they could just be voting against the democrats like they always do, thats an idea. Ive heard, our military is strained in the recruitment area. Hayworth, he has veered to the far right and is saying such ridiculous things anymore. Countdown last night, Keith Olbermann had on author Dan Savage to discuss the opposition to the imminent repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the current policy that does not allow for openly gay members of the military. From Islam To America, A Personal Journey Through The Clash Of Civilizations. Check if form is filled correctly and mark the form fields. May , , WMR had a blockbuster report for subscribers only, which claims that Obama is a long-time member of a gay mana??s club in Chicago, of which his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is also a member. Rense for the article today, but when I clicked Obamaa??s Gay Club, the article is no longer there, no doubt because its excerpt from WMR violated WMRa??s pay-for-view policy. Gay Club brought me to the website of the mana??s bath house club referenced in the WMR article. Mana??s Country Chicago is a clean, safe place to hang out, meet guys who share the same interests as you, socialize, make friends, watch porn and play! In one of Djou&aposs first House votes, he split with GOP and supported repeal of DADT. Just three days after telling Florida reporters he saw no need to change the policy, Crist says he supports repealing DADT. Senate Armed Services Committee&amp#s vote on &ampquotDon&amp#t ask, don&amp#t tell,&ampquot I read a letter from an American serviceman in Afghanistan. In my own life, my partner has none of the privileges of a spouse. We have weathered three long deployments like any other couple might. I have happily accepted my various assignments because we're truly committed to the army, its soldiers and their families. I want to tell the guys I eat lunch with every day about my partner. Over the years, I have become good at evading and changing subjects artfully. I was with during R&R, or mentioning who I talked to on Skype last night -- is no longer something I worry about. It is usually not until the evening that I allow myself to think about these things. The Obama administration announced this week that it will support a push to repeal the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. My name is Jason, it's Sunday, this is like purgatory, stay in bed. A friend of mine has a son in law who is an army scout sniper- they have discussed the topic- the soldier's take on it is that he does not care a person's particular orientation, he wants teammates that will fight and that he can depend on to protect his life. I think that it is a bigger issue with my generation (I am ) than with the young soldiers that are doing the fighting. One question i have is if everyone is out of the closest, what does it do for housing? Do the gays live together, or are the sexes segreated like they are now? My reasoning for this point of view is that, on a very large scale, it is a threat to our very existance as a species. However, I am one that also believes that people should be allowed to do what they want as long as they don't impair someone elses freedom. I have to question whether or not homosexuality is a genetic defect, similiar to say, downs syndrome or autism. If that is the case, and future research would conclude that homosexuality is a genetic defect, would we as a society want to attempt to find a "cure"? If not, then should we cease our efforts to prevent future cases of autism? For if we, as a society, believe that homosexuals are simply another diversity within our species, then wouldn't people with other genetic defects also be celebrated as such? Homosexuality is not a defect, and I certainly don't need a cure. The very fact that a person can be born a hermaphrodite is proof of this. People get married every day who are impotent or beyond the age of reproduction, and there's never been a requirement in any society to be ABLE to reproduce in order to get married. When they are willing to die for our country, they should be allowed to be openly gay in the military. Universal Health care, Secular government, amazingly efficient rail service, and the history to know how to get things right. They don't sit on their fat and getting fatter asses complaining about stuff while the watch their wide screen TV's. Here the government knows that they are dealing with a bunch of lard asses who can't even get up to change a channel anymore. They know that they can say and do whatever they like because we would never declare a national strike and all walk out on the same day at the same time to get what we want and what we need. I sure hope Congress starts fixing some of this stuff for Gay people soon I'm really getting tired of being embarrassed for my country. Then we actually have the nerve to lecture other countries about those topics. I've had the opportunity to serve this country honorably (that's how it is spelled) the same country that guarantees EVERYONE the right to speak on a topic and that should guarantee everyone who is willing to serve it in the armed services the opportunity to live openly and honestly, and to be able to acknowledge a spouse or loved one without risk of livelihood. Some people are born snots, and some have snot thrust upon them. For the same reason that men and women have seperate quarters in the military is the reason I cannot support an openly gay military. Why would they need to have different quarters if they out themselves? However, if gays are allowed to serve "OPENLY" (that is the key word here), and you suggest that they are allowed to have the same quarters, then why would we need to seperate the quarters of women and men? I'm sure that's why you also believe the United States should ALWAYS fight our wars alone, right? I mean, a gay Canadian, British, Australian, German, Israeli, or any European soldier fighting with our forces would also undermine morale, would it not? These are pathetic, unfounded arguments thrown around to mask your real feelings--you hate gays and have no respect for the th Amendment that guarantees equal treatment under the law. It isn't the gays that should be booted from service if they "tell". That may just be the person who drags you out of harm's way when you are wounded in the field. Many were highly decorated, including Silver Stars for gallantry in combat. Sex is the furthest thing from the minds of comrades in arms huddled in a foxhole under attack, be it in the mountain desert of Afghanistan or in the Hurtgen Forest of Germany in WWII. America, [url=]hentai r4 ds rom[/url] sexy girls at home erotic and playful MAE. 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