[raw] The interview Dr. Shulkin recently had with Pete Hegseth was nothing remarkable. In fact if Shulkin’s point was to indicate a willingness to hold the course the VA has been on while PRETENDING to pander to those voices from both sides of the isle calling for real change NOW at the VA he did a marvelous job.
Let’s take a few of his proclamations head on here as we serious citizens and veterans tend to do. Our view is quite unlike that miserably foreboding display of obfuscation we observed from Shulkin mind you .
“When you have one or two or three people who really aren’t doing their job, they bring everybody down,”
Oh yes they most certainly do Dr. David, however when contrasted to the more egregious issues though, such as the deaths that have resulted from VA middle “leadership” who systematically and without even so much as a medical degree dictate medical care procedures destined to FAIL in the worst possible way to the real doctors who must OBEY, then the line up here on the issues as you see them begins to get a bit awkward. And that you waited until now to address this and easiest and smallest of issues when you had the power to do just that as the former Undersecretary, only leaves HUGE questions about your ongoing resolve to do anything more than speak of this too in doubt as well.
Just so you know Dr, David, in the real world, people who refuse to do their job are dealt with every day and it never takes those who deal with it any great proclamation on national TV to deal with it. The ones who are truly good at dealing with lazy workers you might be surprised to learn, in fact had some of them clearing their desks under escort while you were being interviewed. Speaking of tending a problem is not how real problem solvers do things. At this late point in the game, more talk is just a further waste of time, one which now in fact comforts those who are refusing to work. Having heard it so many times now in fact, they will no doubt laugh it off around the water cooler while continuing to do nothing for the veterans, or the tax payers.
“And so the very best thing I know from my private sector experience is you’ve got to deal with that, you’ve got to get them out of the system, because it helps not only the veterans, but the people who work in VA who are trying to do the right thing for veterans.”
That you would waste the networks valuable time with this line here indicates to me that you believe the masses to be simpletons. This line here was nothing but the simplest playing of your pipe David. We are far beyond this tune, in fact we are far beyond anything you stated in that interview by and large. The ACTIONS that should have begun in March of 2014 are still nowhere in sight, and we aren’t in the mood for these small-minded platitudes. Those national VSO people kicked our veterans to the curb by lying about the desires and expectations of this nation’s veterans might be pleased by this ongoing dribble, however the far majority of us were nothing but FURTHER, I might add, insulted by it.
“What I heard (McDonald) saying is that it’s very important to have a due process. You don’t want to arbitrarily fire people.”
That’s interesting, because what I heard him say was that they could not simply “fire their way to excellence.”. That you can’t hire your way to excellence with so many miscreants lying about normally can go unsaid to most all, but those running the VA. The exceptions when it came to those pesky whistleblowers has been well noted though. The rules were all changed when it came to many of them eh Dr. David? How many were punished, by the way, who dealt with whistleblowers by illegally pulling their medical records and making fraudulent entries into them while engaging in every other form of slander, libel and unethical mistreatment beyond what most could imagine? It even went so far as to drive one doctor of note at Tomah to suicide. Oh, but I digress, those who are not coming in on time are a FAR higher priority on your line up than those whose actions were just detailed here correct? Lest we forget, the same treatment is still being regularly doled out there to our nation’s veterans whose healthcare continues to be unfairly sequestered to the VA’s desciples of Mengele as well. From the sounds of it, they will not be going anywhere any time soon. It’s that ‘ol, “so many issues, too little focus” routine right?,,,,,,,,,RIGHT? I for one think not. I for one think this is all being choreographed to maintain the status quo by those whose interests it serves beyond our veterans. I am not alone either as more and more shake off that brain flu being put onto them by those large national VSOs and OTHERS whose interests are what is really driving the agenda here, not the needs of our veterans.
“But remember, the vast, majority of our employees are dedicated. They could be working anywhere in health care”, (COUGH) “but they choose to be working at VA. And I’m going to support them, I’m going to be standing behind them.”
That you eluded (as in ELUDING the LARGER issues) to people engaging in cocaine use and viewing pornography in fact speaks volumes of what you DO NOT want to do. Oh, sink me,,,,,soooooo the VA’s ENTIRE issues stemmed from those who sniff a few spoons or hide out in that far bathroom stall here and there eh? BULL! Those are SYMPTOMS, not causation David. Those symptoms are very far down in a very long line; How the 355 MILLION in malpractice suit settlements in 2015 ALONE? How about rampant suicides within the VA care purview? How about those BILLIONS in construction over-runs, and those IT systems themselves STILL in crisis after years of mindless, solution-less spending? How about those over 400,000 awaiting appeals and the over 500,000 awaiting to BEGIN receiving their EARNED medical care?. And in that last item, a system whose most recent SOLUTION will be to SHRED all 500,000 applications and to BLAME THE VETERAN by branding those applications ABANDONED and INCOMPLETE?
I have NO graceful words left for that interview at all. You make me SICK with your willful and deliberate display of feigned ignorance towards the LARGEST issues David, and I would suggest you stop playing that off note “Everything is Beautiful” tune and start doing your job or else YOU will be the one holding the dubious honor of going down in history as this nation’s shortest tenured VA secretary. You will be a flash in the past very soon if you do not start stepping up to the FIRING line that begins at the top of the VA facility departments and runs clear up through those detestable regional offices mister. I would further suggest that you start doing that NOW. Put an END to the whispered VA policy that violates federal laws by allowing the malpractice inherent when non-medically accredited managers dictate care procedures to doctors. Put an END to the practice of stalling appeals indefinitely by ping ponging them back and forth between the board of appeals and the regional offices. Put an END to the red flagging of veterans who finally get sick and tired of being screwed and voice their opinions inside the VA facilities. Put an END to the obstruction of those who desire care OUTSIDE the VA from getting it for whatever reason they so choose. Right now, after hearing you I have serious reservations as to your ability to even understand the phrase “Put an end to these things”.
What I see coming here people is a full court push onto those people whose employment should have ended a long time ago coming, but they are the WRONG people whose exit will really incite any resolution to the largest issues. The VA PR will play out small employee firings as the solution to the root problem causes when in fact they were only a small symptom of the larger issues that will continue to breed. THIS is just the smallest step forward anyone could ever dream up. The smallest “give”, the smallest and easiest action that will be paraded around like the second coming that is still nowhere in sight. That middle level management layer at the ROOT of ALL the larger problems has got to be turned over and I heard NOTHING about that.