Our nation understands that the men and women who defend our constitution across multiple continents have experiences that can be difficult to process. PTSD, TBI, depression and anxiety are responses to the abnormal situations our military members are sometimes placed in. Veterans who feel mental pain associated with their service to our nation, when they leave the military can find help at Bridging The Gap of Georgia.

Not knowing where you’ll sleep at night, having no place to keep your belongings, not having the ability to care for yourself or family, leads to additional stress, anger, shame, depression, guilt and loneliness. These are the invisible wounds that cause our heroes to live a life of despair and decay. Left unaddressed it only spirals downward until there is too little, or worse, no hope left.

Bridging The Gap of Georgia provides counseling to help with managing anger, building communication, recognizing stress and trauma and constructively dealing with these issues. We discuss with the veteran individually and in group formal helping them to cope with issues relating to stress, nightmares, anger, shame, and depression. BTG guides them to positive actions addressing the issues that are preventing them from having a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.