Donate $1 A Month To Give Our Heroes Hope

We need 5,000 people who will give $1 per month.

It pays the expenses at all 3 Current Residential Centers And we won’t have to close any of them down. We will be able to concentrate on other programs and helping more veterans instead of worrying about trying to raise money every month to pay the bills. This takes a big toll on everyone.

Bridging The Gap is a 501 (c) (3) organization that receives 100% of its funding from the private sector; Meaning NO Government Funding.

How can YOU truly support and help heal our Veterans from the invisible wounds of war?

For more than 4 years, Bridging The Gap has taken on the task of caring for our Veterans, supporting families and helping our service members transition back into civilian life. Now, our heroes and their families urgently need your help; WITH NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING.

These are former soldiers who have served our country, fought for our independence, and today have fallen victim to hopelessness. Their spirits have been broken and they have exhausted all reasonable alternatives that will address their immediate financial or residential needs.

Going beyond putting yellow ribbon magnets on our vehicles, sending cookies and care packages, beyond saying “Thank you for your service” your DOLLAR a month will help give these heroes the hope to strive to succeed that the need.

Some of the oldest stories from all cultures are about those who are called to preserve and protect what is SACRED to them; the safety of the community, the country, their people. This a reciprocal relationship. But what if the reciprocity is incomplete? Are we in the community holding up our end of the bargain?

“Our Veterans cannot heal unless society accepts responsibility for its war-making. To the Veteran, our leaders and people must say, ‘You did this in our name, because you were subject to our orders, and because we put you in untenable situations. We lift the burden of your actions from you and take it onto our shoulders. We are responsible for you”

We cannot continue with business as usual. We must actively engage in healing our Veterans so that all of us can heal. Please Click the Donate For Heroes Button and give our veterans the hope and belief that their sacrifices weren’t in vain. Your Dollar a Month is Vital. Please Share this with your family and friends.


Donate one dollar and check the recurring (monthly) box.