The BTG Homes for Heroes program provides veterans with transitional and permanent housing solutions and support specifically designed for veterans. Through this program we provide residential centers, permanent independent living support, home management/life skills training, field trips, physical health & awareness programs and transportation to appointments, work and other scheduled activities.

For veterans who have secured permanent independent or private housing, we provide assistance to increase their chances of housing stability by offering rental deposit and utility guarantee programs.



The purpose of our residential centers is to help veterans achieve residential stability, increase their skill levels, and their income(s) to obtain a greater scope of life path choice selections. It is a residential setting designed to meet homeless veteran’s needs. Each veteran is provided with individual case management, education, job readiness resources, crisis intervention and counseling as needed on a case by case basis.

Although it is difficult to determine how veterans are homeless, it is believed that a third of Georgia’s homeless population consist of veterans. That high number is mostly attributed to addiction and mental illness, which are experienced by 76% of all homeless veterans. Our veterans are sleeping in night shelters, under bridges, in alleyways, doorways, park benches and on the streets.

An astonishing 88% of veterans are divorced within the first year of returning home from active duty. It becomes too much to bear on their spouse and family members. Veteran’s love-ones can’t deal with the constant nightmares, anxiety attacks, paranoia and outbursts of anger. Not understanding why they are having horrific thoughts and feelings our veterans turn to drugs and alcohol. Sadly, in the state Georgia 65% of the homeless population consists of veterans.

Our residential centers give our veterans a place to call home. Veterans are housed with other fellow veterans who are rebounding from the same issues that have crippled them. The residential centers give them hope, encouragement and a path to a successful civilian life. They are treated with love and respect. More importantly, they are not rushed or put on a timetable to reintegrate back to civilian life.

The residential centers provide a family-style home environment, which includes sleeping quarters, healthy meals, clothes and the many other needed items. Our veterans are in a living environment conducive to personal growth. They are helped to increased levels of personal accomplishment, self-esteem, self- sufficiency and build confidence toward their ability to live again as an accomplished civilian.


Currently housing 6 veterans


Financial Specifics:

  • Mortgage $ 1100.00
  • Gas bill $ 326.27
  • Light Bill $ 136.34
  • Water Bill $ 68.26
  • Pest Control Bill $ 35.00
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Insurance for all three Residential Centers $ 6000.00 per year

  • Marta Cards for clients $ 1140.00

A large number of our troops are native Georgians. In Georgia, there are over 750,000 veterans and approximately 190,000 of them suffer with PTSD, TBI, depression and other serious combat stress issues..

Currently housing 6 female veterans


  • Mortgage $ 1100.00
  • Gas Bill $ 316.19
  • Light Bill $ 123.31
  • Water Bill $ 61.29
  • Pest Control Bill $ 35.00