As generations of Americans have witnessed, veterans can be counted on to get the job done. However, many veterans return home with physical or emotional injuries, or limited job skills, that restrict their ability to find and hold jobs. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the unemployment rate for recently discharged veterans is nearly three times that of the national rate.


BTG’s Job Readiness program provides assessments, training  and job search support aimed to help homeless veterans obtain and retain jobs so they can stabilize their lives, which leads to obtaining permanent housing  and becoming self-sufficient. Non-homeless veterans are also eligible for the program.


BTG’s holistic and realistic approach to ending homelessness among veterans takes into account that success in the workplace often hinges on employees’ ability to successfully manage other areas of their lives.  Veterans are counseled in Life Skills, Money Management, Stress Management, Harassment in the workplace and other related areas. BTG coordinates transportation to and from training or work, further eliminating potential obstacles to job success.  In addition, BTG will help with matching affordable child care and preschool for veterans with dependents.


BTG networks with local, regional, and state businesses, organizations and schools to develop education and job opportunities for Veterans and create practicum, apprenticeships, internships and job opportunities for veterans. We also work with veterans and help them gain college credits for prior military duties, training and coursework.



BTG continually builds a network of support for veterans so that they can compete and thrive in the high-demand areas of the civilian job market.  This program will bridge gaps between the disabled, the homeless, and other career challenges our Veterans face with stable job opportunities, in the following emerging areas:


Green Technology, Food Services, Agricultural Technology & Management, Sales & Marketing, Security, Administration, Architecture, Manufacturing, Estimating, Fundraising, Management, Nonprofit Development, Grant writing, Social Networking Management, Purchasing, Wholesale and Retail Supply, Transportation and other fields identified as critical by the DoL.


BTG’s objective is to assure veterans are “JOB READY”.  We will continually direct and encourage our veterans to utilize the educational and job support benefits available to them and their families through not just the Veterans Administration, but also with other complimentary support programs, community networks and support systems created to further the mission of BTG. Improving the Veteran’s skill level will allow them the most numerous and successful career opportunities. It is a consistent, sustainable income stream that leads toward permanent housing for themselves and their families.