BTG will immerse the Veteran in a Veteran friendly environment allowing them to assimilate back into civilian society with life-skills needed to be a productive, self-sustaining, tax-paying, graceful citizen.  This is accomplished by providing training and support in the following areas:  budgeting & financial literacy, grooming for success, social etiquette, relationship building (personal and professional), healthy meal planning & preparation.


The BTG housing activities coordinator works with associations, faith-based organizations, businesses and agencies within our communities to provide activities that enhance living in a BTG home.  Both residents and non-residents are able to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities including gardening, outings and planned field trips, volunteer opportunities, and various entertainment and other programs.  In addition, our activities coordinator plans activities for our veterans such as: Walking groups, Arts & Craft groups, games, movie trips, trips to museums, memorials, art galleries, and to venues of other historical and cultural interest.


BTG will assist veterans who only need assistance with a deposit to move into stable housing. The housing crisis is particularly critical on veterans trying to gain permanent and stable housing. Most rental property owners require some type of security deposit for new renters. Often, the amount of the security deposit is equal to two month’s rent. For many low or moderate income veterans living from paycheck to paycheck, the required security deposit is a large up-front cost that they cannot afford, even if they can afford to pay the monthly rent.  BTG Rental Deposit Guarantee Program provides veterans a means to move into rental housing. Its main characteristics are:

  • Security deposits are payable in installments.
  • Landlord is guaranteed the full amount of the deposit.
  • Prospective veterans are screened to determine their financial standing.


Assist veterans who need help with delinquent utility bills or deposits to move into or continue to live in stable housing.  This program helps veterans who are facing a utility crisis and are without resources to resolve the crisis.  It helps veterans to keep or gain safe and healthy housing by providing funds for utility security deposits for heating and electrical deposits. The applicant must be experiencing or threatened by one or more of the following:

  • Homelessness;
  • Termination of a utility; or
  • Lack of heat, electricity or cooking fuel

The emergency situation must not be caused by the veteran’s refusal to accept or continue with employment or training.


BTG volunteers works with veterans individually to prepare them for their greatest opportunity for success. BTG identifies veterans who are at risk of falling through the cracks of society with a caring mentor to develop a more positive attitude toward their future. The goal is to empower the veteran to function as a productive citizen able to support themselves and their families.


At least 53% of returning veterans meet the criteria for suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Depression.  57% of our veterans haven’t been evaluated. It can take up to five years for a veteran to get approved for their VA benefits. Many of our veterans don’t know how to move forward and become discouraged in trying to cut through all the red tape confronting them trying to get their benefits, especially, if it was other than an honorable discharge. With no source of income or insurance for treatment their condition worsens.

We collaborate with physicians, psychologists and pharmacies to obtain in-kind contributions, subsidies or outright purchase critical healthcare and necessary prescriptions until their VA benefits are activated. This eliminates the need or desires for veterans to self-medicate to deal with mental and emotional pitfalls many simply do not understand. Medication scheduling assistance is available as well.


We can’t just dump employers and veterans into one big room together and hope for the best — a more individualized approach is needed. Veterans don’t just need job fairs, they need a community. Programs that provide mentorship, lessons in online job searching and one-on-one training are what will really help address individual needs. By starting a small business, our goal is bring attention to our nation’s small businesses owned by past and present members of the United States military. As each business grows to the point of hiring, it is our goal to help said Veteran Owned Business’s reach out to fellow veterans in order to fulfill employment vacancies (what we are calling our Veterans Hire Veterans Initiative. Once the Veteran Owned Business has grown to the point where his or her owner(s) would like to give back, our goal is that said business owner(s) give back specifically to those organizations that help fellow military families like: homeless veterans organizations, and many more.


How we do it………

The Bridging the Gap of Georgia program will assist the participants by working with corporations to hire participants using the Work Opportunity Incentive to benefit both the corporation and society at large. Through these individuals becoming productive, responsible human beings, the burden on the public dollar will be reduced and thereby will enhance not only the participant but our communities as well.