Bridging The Gap (BTG) is a non-profit organization based in Georgia that helps veterans reestablish themselves as productive members of society.

Based on the simple, time-tested principle of one individual helping another, we provide veterans an opportunity to network and help one another “Bridge The Gap.”

We also forge the missing link between veterans and the resources they need to heal and thrive. We help them feel like the heroes they are. Bridging The Gap brings hope to the individuals who has lost theirs, motivation to the veteran who has none, and determination to the life that feels futile.


A significant difference I’ve noticed between civilians and military is that in times of extreme hardships the people that surround a civilian will disappear quickly. For a soldier it will grow. The bond of brotherhood we share will strengthen with adversity and we will face it head on to hell and back if necessary and we will lay our lives down for that of our brother’s safety.

One of the primary missions of Bridging The Gap is to make sure that our veterans and their families receive the support and recognition they deserve. Every member of our organization is a veteran. We know how important it is to receive the support of our fellow citizens during and after our military service.

Saying thank you is not always enough to truly honor America’s warriors and veterans. Their unique needs require that we support and recognize these needs and take action to make a difference for these brave men and women. Every citizen of the United States benefits from their service, and should join with Bridging The Gap in supporting them.

We should all be aware that the real and unique issues women veterans face is critical in today’s military environment. We must press to make sure that these issues are addressed during and after their military service.

The unemployment rate of transitioning service members is growing and Bridging The Gap is in the trenches working with employers to hire returning veterans by partnering in job fairs and offering small business workshops for veterans.

Through programs such as Operation Comfort Warriors, Bridging The Gap is involved in numerous ways to aid and support wounded, injured and ill veterans and their families. There are many ways you could support a wounded warrior in your community.

The Family Support Network and Temporary Financial Assistance programs support military families during times of deployment when help can be needed most. What can YOU do to support the families of our military personnel?

It is the responsibility of all Americans to support our troops and their families during and after service. With 2.4 million members, Bridging The Gap is working every day to ensure valuable and free service is available within their communities for this purpose. Bridging The Gap asks all Americans to join their effort in this important area.