From a very young age, James W. knew he was adopted. For nearly 56 years he dreamed about his birth family. Fueled by a few scraps of information about his past, James struggled to find his birth mother. With the assistance of the BTGG, he composed a “Letter to the Editor” of The Navajo Times, the largest circulating Native American newspaper.
The letter was brief and detailed the most basic elements of James’ life including his Navajo Indian heritage, the names of his adopted parents, the name of his birth mother, and the fact that he was an army veteran. He implored readers to share any information they might have and to contact him if they, the lost members of his family, would like to meet.
Within 24 hours, an estranged family member called BTGG looking for James. After a lengthy a telephone conversation and further email contact, James was tearfully reunited with 13 members of his immediate family. James later returned with his family to the Navajo Nation to reconnect with his heritage.