There is the definition of unite. We have learned that from the time we enlisted to the time we go out of the military. If we want change then WE ALL have to unite for the greater good. If we don’t we are going to keep getting what we are getting. We have different organizations doing the same thing expecting different results. That is the definition of INSANITY.

We experience it first hand, see it in the News, Read it on the internet, or hear about it from another brother or sister, every where we turn we are learning of more things that the Veterans Administration is doing to dishonor us. I have heard of people trying to address the VA system to get the change that we seek. When someone tries to address the VA individually or try to address the VA for ALL Veterans they are sent down a rabbit hole so to speak. They are Lied to by the very people that is suppose to be tasked to administer the very things that we not only promised but we have EARNED. We think that some other brother or sister needs the help more than us. There are brothers and sisters doing things to bring awareness to each and every cause. You have Veterans marching, protesting, all kinds of things. But, Imagine this!!!!!! What is we all Unite. Don’t you think 2 voices is better than 1. Just think if 100’s if not 1000’s organizations would create a Coalition. Don’t you think we could as a collective Coalition could create the changes that we ALL seek for a VA that would actually do it’s job and take care of each and every one of us that has worn the Uniform?…..We are going to have a Veterans Conference Veterans Day Weekend here in Atlanta to create a game plan to do just that…..Want you and your group JOIN us Arm in Arm?