Two years ago, the country was shocked by reports that Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) employees across the country were manipulating wait lists to hide the true amount of time it took for a veteran to get an appointment at a VA medical center. This practice harmed hundreds thousands of veterans and possibly led to the deaths of hundreds of veterans across the country.

In response, Congress created the VA Choice Card, gave the VA tens of billions of dollars in additional funding, and installed a new VA Secretary. However, despite all these changes, VA employees are still manipulating wait lists to cover up the true amount of time it takes to get health care within the VA. It was just revealed that employees at multiple VA clinics were manipulating wait lists even after the VA wait list scandal began.

This is yet another example of why we must stop throwing money at problems hoping to buy solutions. The time has come to fundamentally reform and fix the VA. Fortunately, there is a now a proposed piece of legislation that would do just that called the Caring for Our Heroes in the 21st Century Act, which would finally put the veteran at the center of the VA – and not VA bureaucrats. If you haven’t already, please email your member of Congress and ask them to support the Caring for Our Heroes in the 21st Century Act.

It is important veterans make their voices heard and demand real change at the VA. Please join us in this fight.