12LX Standard Duty Tandem Axle Extra Wide Dump

We are raising funds to assist with the rental of a trailer for dumping reasons while renovating this home.

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Hall County Government Department of Public Works & Utilities

RE: Waiving of Tipping Fees

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City Council for the City of Oakwood Hall County, GA

Resolution No.: 2017-04-02

A resolution relieving bridge the gap foundation from the payment of inspection and permitting fees associated with the remodeling of a facility located at 3916 Hillsdale road to house homeless American military veterans and for other purposes.

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Locales for Local Troops

Bridging the Gap is hoping to house veterans who are homeless or are otherwise in dire need in this Oakwood house.

Bridging The Gap of Georgia has been fortunate to now have acquired two properties (one in Oakwood, Ga. and the other in Warner Robins, Ga.). The properties host one house in Oakwood and two houses in Warner Robins. All 3 of these dwellings need at least some repair with the Oakwood unit being in the highest need. There, a new roof and total replacement of all interior surfaces will be completed, there will be substantial upgrades to the electrical system as well. The Oakwood project is the first in line and is now the furthest along.

The materials needed have been lined up, the labor needed is lined up and anxious to get started. The permits have been aligned with the fine city of Oakwood and the Hall County dumping fees have been waved on this project for a period covering the next 12 months. As you can see, this project is fast coming to the starting line. The only thing holding up the projects, is the acquisition of a dump trailer of sufficient size to allow for the transfer of the materials that will be torn out and the scraps accrued as the new materials are installed. There will be landscaping debris at both projects, tens of tons of those alone will be hauled from the Warner Robins project.

Having weighed all the options, dropping dumpsters, hauling debris with pickup trucks, renting larger trucks etc., gaining access to a trailer of the size 8’ X 12-14’ is the only solution which will satisfy the logistics involve on all fronts of these operations.

By Alyson Shields Reporter

These dump trailer units of this size normally run in 8K+ range, however we have a manufacturer nearby who is willing to waive the profit for us, however the labor and material costs to build one are still sitting at approximately $ 6,200.00. This is where we are at, our ability to house a total of 10-12 homeless veterans in both Oakwood and Warner Robins for an entire decade and more is in the balance and dependent now on a solution to this last issue of efficient debris disposal. The properties have been acquired, crews are ready to work, the materials are lined up, the permits are in place, this is the last hurdle to the starting line.

Anything you or organization can contribute towards this will be the catalyst which will ignite all the planning and giving to date. From your donation, 3 homes for our nation’s veterans right here in Georgia will rise before your very eyes. 3 fine homes to safely house 10-12 veterans from this very state, within the very areas from which they once departed from to serve our nation will rise. 10-12 troops from Oakwood/Warner Robins will have a home, back amongst their friends, their families, their town and culture for whom they served.