Bridging The Gap of Georgia has been fortunate to now have acquired two properties (one in Oakwood, Ga. and the other in Warner Robins, Ga.). The properties host one house in Oakwood and two houses in Warner Robins. All 3 of these dwellings need at least some repair with the Oakwood unit being in the highest need. There, a new roof and total replacement of all interior surfaces will be completed, there will be substantial upgrades to the electrical system as well. The Oakwood project is the first in line and is now the furthest along.

Anything you or organization can contribute towards this will be the catalyst which will ignite all the planning and giving to date. From your donation, 3 homes for our nation’s veterans right here in Georgia will rise before your very eyes. 3 fine homes to safely house 10-12 veterans from this very state, within the very areas from which they once departed from to serve our nation will rise. 10-12 troops from Oakwood/Warner Robins will have a home, back amongst their friends, their families, their town and culture for whom they served.

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Who We Are

We are Bridging The Gap of Georgia, a registered 501c3 organization dedicated to helping every one of this nation’s veterans onto a road to their American Dream.

What We Do

We provide food, and shelter, and educational assistance DIRECTLY to as many Veterans as we can afford to.

Get Involved

One in 10 veterans is disabled and the numbers are increasing. Find out more about how you can help.

Our veterans are hurting 

The horrors of war can leave emotional scars that are just too much to bear. Soldiers are returning from battle every day with “Post-Combat Reactions,” (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and other “silent” disabilities.

What can we do to know how to help veterans who have served and suffer?

Based on the simple, time-tested principle of one individual helping another, we provide veterans an opportunity to network and help one another “bridge the gap.” We also forge the missing link between veterans and the resources they need to heal and thrive.

We help them feel like the heroes they are.

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Freedom Fest 2017

One duty to nation, one voice to freedom. Freedom Fest 2017 in Georgia. Where Veterans from all walks of life unite as one as we explore veteran specific issues. One voice out of many, one voice, one place. We are inviting all veterans and anyone who supports them to join us in providing the resources, support and advocacy to succeed and empower veterans in all walks of life.

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